Rollin’ ‘Round

Hhiiiiii, This week was a pretty good week for listening to podcasts. I spent a lot of time in the car driving through nature, washing dishes and general adulting so I had some time to listen to a few. I have a few go to’s, two of which are Reply All from Gimlet Media and… Continue reading Rollin’ ‘Round

Gone Beachin’

Hey! This week I was able to spend a bunch of time at the beach, more than I have most of the summer! Isn’t that how it goes? Once summer’s over I end up at the beach twice in a week?! Works out in my favor anyway…My partner Kim likes to call this time of… Continue reading Gone Beachin’

It’s Labor Day!

Hey there, This week has been so crazy and so fun! The week started in LA, spending time with my Mom and filming another episode of The Elite Daily Show. When I came home Kim and I got a few lazy days to ourselves and¬†went on an impromptu adventure in downtown San Diego. We started… Continue reading It’s Labor Day!