Gone Beachin’


This week I was able to spend a bunch of time at the beach, more than I have most of the summer! Isn’t that how it goes? Once summer’s over I end up at the beach twice in a week?! Works out in my favor anyway…My partner Kim likes to call this time of year local’s summer, a time when the tourists have left town and us locals can take advantage of what’s left of summer without the noobs running around.

The first beach day was Monday, for Labor day we did end up going the beach; La Jolla Shores to be exact. We like this beach the most out of all the ones in town. It’s easy to get to, food is close by, there’s a huge grass area next to the sand, and the water is clean because it’s an under water preserve. Kim wanted to go surfing, but the waves weren’t too good, so we ended up laying out and swimming.

Me, being photobombed by a toddler at La Jolla Shores

The next beach day was Wednesday, it was day 1 of a 2 day commercial shoot at Carlsbad Beach. Being a native San Diegan I don’t get up to the northern beaches that much, and after that day I honestly questioned why I don’t! The water is clearer, it’s less busy and it’s a nice departure from the craziness of central beaches. One of my favorite local creatives was on set doing his thing, Dean Hall, he’s an image consultant, fashion stylist and TV style expert. He’s always great to work with! He’s styled me for several of my shoots as well as connecting me to local boutiques and production companies for print and video projects. Another perk of this shoot was a meeting a fellow spokesperson who is a product specialist for a car company. It was great to pick her brain about what she does and how she got into it! Turns out the auto show circuit it hard to get into, but it’s something that I’d really like to give a shot. It lines up with that I want to do long term as a host, which is more infomercial, trade show, product specialist, shopping channel kind of work.

The next day I volunteered at a fundraising event called Lead The Way, for the organization that my partner works for. The organization is called, Outdoor Outreach it’s a non-profit that takes under served youth on all kinds of outdoor adventures including snowboarding, mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, stand up paddle-boarding and surfing (they’re always looking for volunteers!).

Danielle, my partner Kim, and I at Lead the Way 2016 (left to right)


The event was at Brick, a beautiful event space at Liberty Station in Point Loma. It’s such a versatile, fresh, clean, welcoming venue! And of course it’s called Brick for a reason, the entire wall interior is made of brick, with white trim around the big beautiful windows. Along with the high ceilings and warm lighting it makes the space feel comfortable and homey. There was plenty of room for people to move around and mingle, eat, listen to music and the stories of the  youth served by Outdoor Outreach.

So you could imagine by Friday, I was wwwoorrnn out, but there was one more thing to do! I had a fitting for the second day of the commercial shoot, it was super fast though so I had time to lounge around and hang with my lady.

I really had a good week, mostly because I got to spend so much time by the water and do some good. At this point this upcoming week seems a bit more mellow, one casting and one day of shooting so I’m looking forward to a little down time.

I hope your week was just as fun and productive as mine, see you again next week!




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