Rollin’ ‘Round


This week was a pretty good week for listening to podcasts. I spent a lot of time in the car driving through nature, washing dishes and general adulting so I had some time to listen to a few. I have a few go to’s, two of which are Reply All from Gimlet Media and Freakonomics from NPR. This weeks episodes were pretty interesting.

Views from Potato Chip Rock

Reply All is “a show about the internet”, that’s the simplest way to put it and it’s far more interesting than you could imagine. This week’s episode is apart of a segment they regularly do called “Super Tech Support” where a listener gives them a tough tech problem to solve that no one else has been able to help them with. It’s always fascinating at this week didn’t disappoint. A woman who was vacationing in NYC had left her camera in a cab and listed her item on a lost and found site she thought was associated with the city, a site she found on Google. Since the site appeared at the top of the search and looked legit the woman signed up only to realize it was a scam and she was out 40 bucks! So the hosts of the show dig deeper to find out how this site was at the top of the search and how it could still operate. You can find that episode, “Lost in a Cab” and many more on their website.

Freakonomics is a very popular podcast in part because of the book that made the authors famous. The show is about what the tag line says, “The hidden side of everything.” I’m hot and cold about this show, but generally speaking I like it, especially when they cover politics. This most recent episode “Ten Signs You Might Be A Libertarian” the host talks about the Libertarian party, a party that believes in little to no government and interviews their Presidential nominee Gary Johnson. You may know him from his most recent gaff from a cable news interview where he didn’t know what Aleppo was (hint: it’s a city in Syria, site of one of the most contentious civil wars in the middle east that is causing a huge refugee and humanitarian crisis). He since has said that he had a misunderstanding of what the interviewer meant. Anyways, the point is that this episode talks about third party candidacies and political ideas that aren’t in the main stream, definitely worth taking a listen!

Hangin’ out on set with Dean Hall

One of the highlights from this week was going to Potato Chip Rock, a popular San Diego landmark. It was for the second and the last day of a commercial shoot, and believe it or not I had never been there before! Granted, it’s mostly the 40 minute drive  and the 7 mile hike round trip that stopped me but not this time! For all you nature nerds out there, it’s part of the Mount Woodson trail in Poway, just outside of San Diego. They drove us up  and down the mountain which was awesome and nerve racking because the trail is so narrow. In any case the shoot was good, got to be out in nature and see a part of town I don’t see all that much. Dean Hall, San Diego’s favorite  wardrobe stylist was on set working his magic. The two makeup artists/hair stylists were so great to work with, KC and Claire. You’ve got to see their work, they’re doing wonderful things!

Well, that’s a wrap on my past week, this week I have two event bookings, a casting and my Mom is coming down to visit. Staying busy is the only way to be!

Catch up with you later,






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