Two Events, One Week

Hey you!

This week was busy; I finally got my first auto show job and got to raise money for a good cause!

Me repping Mercedes! Not the best pic, but too stoked not to post!

First, I did my first auto trade show for Mercedes-Benz which is so awesome! And once you book one, it kinda snow balls from there! It’s auto show season so I hope to be doing a lot of this kind of work in the coming months. This is one step towards my goal of working as a product specialist in the automotive industry. Granted, I don’t know much about cars now, but check back with me in a year and that’ll be different 😋. The event went smoothly; I got to meet a few product specialists and pick their brain.

The next event was the 52nd annual Gourmet Dinner for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Inland Empire and Orange County in Newport Beach at the Balboa Bay Resort. It was a big event, nearly 400 guests attended! Us models were tasked with selling raffle tickets for fabulous prizes, including VIP tickets to an upcoming movie premiere, a romantic trip to Santa Barbara and a box of top shelf wine. Pretty neat right? As a group we raised nearly $75,000 which contributed to the over $700,000 that was raised altogether! Isn’t that amazing? It was truly a fun, rewarding event.

Gourmet Dinner enterance

While I was wrapping up in Newport Beach, my Mom was on her way down from LA to hang with Kim and I the next day. It was a fun visit, going to the beach and doing lunch. Sunday was a mellow day, Kim went surfing then I met her and her buddy for lunch at Studio Diner. It was an easy lazy day. Needless to say the week went by real fast, and those were only the highlights!

This week I don’t have much planned other than some serious adulting. I missed the debates tonight, so I definitely plan on catching recaps on that the rest of the week.

I hope your week was good too.

Talk to you next week!


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