Hey you,

The last two weeks have been great! I filmed a commercial and got to go hiking with my girl and her brother. Also I’ve been doing a little professional development, looking into changing my look for modeling.

It was love at first sip!

The commercial I filmed was for San Antonio Winery, a 100 year old winery based in LA! It was a great day of meeting people and pretending to drink wine. Oh and did I mention the food?! It was sssoooo gggoooooooddddd. Definitely going to have to by there on a day off.
A nice perk of that shoot? A great bottle of wine as a give away to the talent! I don’t even drink that often but I took them up on that!

The hike we went on the day before kinda had me sore from the shoot though, haha! We ended up going to Torrey Pines, which is the perfect height for someone trying to be a tourist and get their work out on. We don’t get to go up to there as much as we should so I’m glad we got to take advantage while Kim’s brother was here. Easily one of the most popular hiking areas in San Diego, because it’s so beautiful with the ocean and the land, looks like you’re on the edge of the world which you kinda are.

Speaking of the outdoors, we’re going to Salt Lake City this weekend so we’ll be definitely be going hiking when we’re there…can’t imagine there will be anything else to do! I’m looking forward to it.

Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California

As far as professional development, I’m looking for a photographers and other behind the scenes professionals to shoot by potential new look. Hopefully sometime next year I’ll have a new shoot with my new hair. This is easily my favorite part of being a model and host, is preparing and learning about other people’s crafts.

Here’s to another productive week,


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