Pipeline Trail, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hey friends,

So let me start by saying that I didn’t think I’d ever go to a place like Utah and like it. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DO. If you like the outdoors, inexpensive living, and access to all sorts of weekend adventures Salt Lake City is the place for you.

Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California

The whole week leading up to this trip was kinda a mess though. I had to get the house ready, work and all the typical adulting. It was hard to even wrap my head around getting on a plane and going to Utah of all places. I was real concerned for us being two lesbians of color in a state that is mostly white, heterosexual and religious. In any case, my flight left late in the day so I had the morning and most of the afternoon to get myself together. Flying out of San Diego was a treat because we flew right over my house.

I met Kim, my partner, in Salt Lake. She had been there for a few days before I arrived for a conference. Lucky for us, she has friends who live there, so she was able to stay with them for half the trip and they were our tour guides for the second half! I got in Friday night and we left Monday morning and in those few days we crammed in a bunch of good food and a really good hike. The weather was perfect the entire time we were there too! Getting in the high 70’s in the mid day and low 50’s at night, tolerable for a California girl like me.

Park City, Utah.

On Saturday morning we got breakfast, drove around Salt Lake a bit and then into Park City. I didn’t realize how close the two cities were! Park City is totally like small country town European feel. We only drove through it enough to see the shops and some of the mountains. We ended up driving to a hike that was almost 10000 feet! Kim and I had a hard time with the altitude, so we didn’t go to the peak but we walked up along side for a bit to see some the great views.

On Sunday we slept in and then headed to the Pipeline trail which is in Salt Lake City itself, in fact you can see a full view of the valley the city is in from the peak. That’s the picture at the top of this post. It was iinnccrreeddiibbllee! As beautiful as California is, you’ll never see something like that here…unless you go to Big Sur of course.

Generally speaking, my fears of blank stares and harassment from locals who were put off by Kim and I were hard to come by. It seems that the LGBT community in Salt Lake is developing, and there were certainly more people of color than I thought there’d be. Granted, we were only there for a short time and most the time we were either hiking or in a car. Strangers we met on the trail were nice though, and many of the places we ate it was the same.

Anyways, Monday morning was rough since we had to come home, both of us could have stayed longer for sure! We are both stoked on Salt Lake that we are planning on going back in the summer. We’re not winter people, so we’ll have to opt out on that time of year, haha!

I’m happy to be home, and happy to be working an event next week too. I hope you make it out to Utah sometime too!



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