New Episodes


So this week was great! The Elite Daily Show posted two more episodes with me in them! First one is about beer pairing, which was so fun to film. The other one is about cupping, an eastern medicine tradition where the practitioner uses cups to heal the body. That filming was wild too!

Screenshot from What’s With Cups?

I spent most of the week recovering from our trip from Salt Lake and the rest of it catching up on shows. Anyone who knows me knows I watch like SO SO SO SO SO much TV, it’s unreal! Literally everything from from comedies to dramas. I rarely watch any reality TV except for HGTV, duh. And of course, I’ve got Kim sucked into watching a few shows too. Of course two of our favorites are Empire and How To Get Away With Murder.

Let me just say, this week for both shows was just off the rails out of control. Spoiler Alert, if you haven’t watched the latest episode of Empire stop reading now!

I’ll be the first to tell you, the number one reason I watch Empire is for Taraji Henson’s character, Cookie. SHE’S AMAZING! Her attitude, her style, how she stays focused, how she’s herself and passionate…I love that! She makes the show so fun to watch. Another reason why I like this show is the over the top drama, it’s like a soap, a real silly soap and I can appreciate that. However, they crossed a line this week in the last scene of the episode with Andre and Nessa hooking up with Rhonda’s ghost watching them. Too weird, way to weird. I get it, Dre is supposed to grieving in addition to being bipolar but dang! I was really turned off by that, not enough to stop watching the show unless it get’s even weirder.

Speaking of more weirdness too, I watched the pilot episode of Black Mirror on Netflix. Three words: No thank you. I’ll never watch that show again! I like the concept, a Twilight zone for the 21st century, but that first episode was just way too much and a little too depressing for me. I can’t even describe it here, so please feel free to read or watch it for yourself! I think the show has generated a lot of buzz because of it’s interesting concepts and story lines, and I think we do need provocative shows like this. TV is art after all, and art is meant to create conversation. But not all TV is made for everyone to consume, and this show is clearly not made for me. This show is good for people who like thought experiments, dark comedies, or horror.

Per the usual I’ll be watching a bunch more TV this week include all the NCIS’s (haha), Elementary, Brooklyn 99, New Girl, Bob’s Burgers, Supergirl, the list goes on. What can I say, I have a lot of down time!

This week I have a few bookings coming up, one is a trade show and another is a promotional video for a college which I’m pretty excited about!

I hope you get to watch as much TV as you want this week,


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