Happy Halloween!


This week was so busy, I almost forgot it was Halloween! Tonight we decided to stay in and hand out candy. Not many trick or treaters came by so we gave them handfuls of candy when they did. I’m sure we’ll be a popular stop next year!

img_28581.jpgThis week I worked two bookings, both were great! One event was for a phone company that partners with a tech company to teach them about their new products and to generate over all good will. It worked for sure! They raffled off cool gadgets and gear at a beautiful location, then had delicious meals in between speakers. I’m glad I got to be apart of it. Another bonus was be able to work with a new event and trade show staffing agency, and they were great! I’m definitely looking forward to working with them in the future.

The next booking was a commercial shoot for a college. Another easy day working with great people. The best part about that day was the night before hanging with my best friend in Long Beach. Her and her partner live in a beautiful spot downtown close to everything cool!

Cleanin’ teeth on set!

On the drive up I listened to the latest NPR’s Planet Money podcast, “Bad Form, Wells Fargo”. Now if you’ve been keeping up with the news you know that Wells Fargo has gotten into some trouble lately for it’s employees opening up accounts in it’s customers names without their knowledge to keep up with the management’s sales demands. Turns out that for some of those employees, Wells Fargo fired them and possibly ruined their ability to continue to work in banking. That’s insane! It makes you wonder what else they’re doing behind the scenes.

Funny enough, this whole Wells Fargo blow up coincides with another law suit they had against them. This suit has to do with how the bank¬†charged overdraft fees over a period of a few years, and as a Wells Fargo customer I got a check from them as a settlement! It was a pleasant surprise don’t get me wrong but it’s starting to make me think more critically about where I bank, invest and get insured. I know I need to do more research on the institutions I trust to keep my finances in line and this is only further justification for it.

Well that’s enough adulting for now, however I do have much more adulting to do this week. I’m focusing this week on catching up on all the things I didn’t get to do last week and planning for the holidays.

I hope you had a great Halloween!



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