LA Auto Show

Stoked Selfie at PopSugar!

What up my friends!!

This and last week could not have been busier! I had a bunch of auditions, a shoot and now I’m working LA Auto Show, phew! I feel so lucky to stay so busy.

Last week I had the pleasure to head over the PopSugar studios, it was so great! It’s easily one of my favorite media outlets. There were women writers, producers and directors…it’s so encouraging to see that. I’ll post the content I’m featured in when it becomes available, I’m so excited to share with you all! Another pleasant surprise from last week was the super moon. My partner and I went out to

A modest super moon over San Diego Bay

Cabrillo National Monument to watch the sunset and the the super moon, it was amazing and romantic. If you don’t know, the super moon is necessarily super, it just means the moon looks incredibly large because it’s the closest it’ll be to earth for a few more decades! It was quite the sight to see.

It’s nice to take in natures wonders when you can because sometimes our days go by so fast they’re easy to miss. That’s pretty much what happened to me! The last week I had to get prepared for working the LA Auto show this week! LA Auto Show is goes on downtown at the Los Angeles Convention Center from November 18th to 27th, I’ll be working all days! It’s my first auto show and so far it’s been an unforgettable experience. It’s clear the auto show is a big part of LA’s culture, and I’m happy to be apart of that. It’s also made me realize is a tough place to live unless you have the right resources and support. Getting around, making friends, finding a job you love can be real hard is a big clunky city like this. I’m glad I live here part-time, and not full time! Being able to pop in for bookings and castings is just the right amount of LA for me.


In any case, I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity come my way. I’m already booked for trade shows in December and January, a busy girl is a happy girl is what I always say.

I’ll update you with more pictures from the show later, but I’d like to end this on one last note…I’m glad the election is over and I’m sure you are too.

With love,



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