Hey friends!

That’s me, always having fun on the job!

This week was full of surprises, all of them good! First I had a booking for a trade show that went unexpectedly well and another random booking that turned out really great!

The trade show was really good, easy days with good people right here in town at the convention center…and it was only two and a half days verses twelve like LA Auto! I don’t spend that much time in Downtown San Diego so it was nice going down there and being reminded about why people love this town. It’s easy to forget with the hustle of staying afloat here, dealing housing and the job market…oh and avoiding the tourists spots during the summer (but please keep visiting! :-D).

Then yesterday I had an audition in LA, on the way up one of my agents contacted me for a booking later in the day; looked like I was going to replace someone. Thirty minutes after getting the message I was booked!! Right after I had the casting I had to rush to the booking in Orange County! I wasn’t totally prepared but I was ready to work. Luckily everything turned out great! The client emailed my agent saying how happy they were with the four of us on set. That was really good to hear.

That has been happening a lot this week, I got good feedback from the trade show booking

On Set, Photo by IG @adampetrasek

too and other people I’ve worked with. It feels good, makes me feel like I’m on the right path.

This upcoming week is more work, and catching up with work around the house. Adulting is truly a nonstop business!

Well see you next week!


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