Good Vibes

Hey friends!

Another productive week for the books! I have so much good news, it’s a great way to wrap up the end of the year.

The first thing I want to share is that the PopSugar Beauty video I appear in is up now! I’m so excited to have worked with them on this video, especially since it features brands from Ulta, which is one of my favorite places to get makeup. Also, PopSugar Fitness basically saved my life ssooo, yyyyaaaayyyy!!!

Next is that I’m booked on an auto show tour for the first 3 months of the year! YYEESS! One of my biggest goals of the year was to make trade show work my main source of income, and I’m definitely on my way there!

My partner Kim and I 😀

This week my partner and I had an impromptu date night, where we walked around our neighborhood exploring then went to dinner. We don’t get to do that as much these days, since we’re so busy. You could imagine how happy I am that we’ll be getting sometime off soon!

As the year comes to a close, I’m reflecting more and more on what a wonderful year it has been for me in my personal and professional life. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Things that made me happy this week:

Freakonomics Radio three part series about the medical industry: This is making me happy because it was an interesting, reflective and thought piece about how the medical industry works in the US. Also it was a welcome change to the political news that I’ve been consuming non-stop for the past year.

Planet Money “Amy and Steve vs. Facebook”: Another story that made me feel joyful and want to root for the underdog in a real world context. I love hearing stories about technology and legal systems. (I know I’m a nerd! :-p)

Instagram Live: Because duh, this makes all the sense.

That’s all for now, have a great week!



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