Post Christmas

Hey buddy!

Well, I for one am happy Christmas is over, it’s not exactly my favorite holiday. The upside to this time of year is that it gives you and everyone you know an excuse to spend time with each other and have a good time. My partner Kim and I stayed in, watched Netflix and cooked dinner. It’s so nice to be able to spend a day doing nothing. Our goal the rest of the week though is to get our house in order. We’ve lived together since April and it’s been just so difficult getting settled because our lives have been so crazy!! In any case, I’d rather things been crazy good in that sense. Only one bit of bad news, the GMC Tour that I booked…well I’m no longer on it unfortunately. The upside is that it’ll free me up for other castings and bookings that come my way.

That said, there are some things I saw in the news that made me really happy.

First “The Good Fight” the spinoff of “The Good Wife” is coming to CBS All Access. YYAAYY! Because I loved this show but dang it! Now I’m going to have to get a subscription to another streaming service.

Also, these two friends who hiked from Mexico to Canada and picked up trash along the way. A nice story to hear from a newly minted outdoor person like myself.

Speaking of travel, there’s this is an article about how a travel blogging couple makes money being travel bloggers. I think most people want this kind of lifestyle or at least one where they can do what they want when they want and they figured out how to do it. Honestly, I think a lot of what they do makes sense and I’m sure plenty of other types of bloggers have similar strategies.

The thing that has made me happy but annoyed this week is the new BAFTA diversity requirement going into effect 2019. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why would that make you annoyed? It’s great! Diversity is a wonderful thing!” Yes of course it is, but to increase diversity in any industry the people in that industry have to address the reason why it’s not diverse in the first place. Addressing the underlying problem, in my opinion will go a long way to address the problem as a whole.

I talk about this in a previous post, and I’ll say it again; the entertainment industry is hard for anyone to get into never mind being successful in especially if you don’t have the support, the financial resources and/or the early start many successful people in the industry do. If you don’t address this, how can you create a avenue for women, people of color, LGBTQIA people to enter the industry so you can meet this requirement? Also the industry has to acknowledge it’s own biases because I’m sure there are many talented in these under represented groups who aren’t getting the attention they deserve as it is.

Ultimately this is my question: How is BAFTA going to support the industry in meeting this goal? Are they going to lobby or create there more camps, courses and after school programs for school age and college age kids to start to learn about the arts and entertainment industry? Is there going to be a conscious effort for Ate they going to lobby for non-profit, government, and private programs to provide financial or personal support for the groups of people who will need to enter this industry? Because if not, making this requirement won’t do much in the long run.

Anyways, I’m just saying. That’s all for now! My next post in 2017 will be about setting goals and strategies on how to get there.




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