Hello 2017!

Hi everyone!

I know, it’s been awhile…but hear me out, I’ve been busy!!

Since my last post I’ve worked two awesome trade shows, one being San Diego Auto Show and I’ve gotten two hosting gigs! See, I told you, I’ve been bbuusssaaayyyy :-D.

At San Diego Auto showing off Oculus VR goggles!

To recap: I rang in the New Year working San Diego Auto Show, it was a really good experience. Similar to LA Auto Show, I was able to meet more trade show people, make good connections and make good impressions. I’m positive that it’ll snow ball into one of my bigger goals of this year. So not too long after that show I found out about my hosting gigs! One of them is for a local children’s art organization, creating how to art videos. The other is for a local beer show, I’ll be their special correspondent reporting on beer throughout Southern California. Exciting right?! I can’t wait to get started on both these projects!!

That said, this year is already off to a good start. Last year was really good for me, and I’m looking forward to building on that success. Part of that success included getting a proper planner. I was able to make a custom planner on Personal-Planner.com. It’s a Swedish company that allows you to make a personalized planner! If you’re like me and you like to write everything down; plan your days ahead, write down goals for the day, week, month or year I highly suggest getting one! Creating it was the most fun part…getting to pick the designs, color scheme, pictures and add-ons that I found useful was great. The delivery took about two weeks, which isn’t bad considering it came across an ocean. My only regret is that I may have added too many add-ons that I won’t need but there’s always next year right? Anyways this planner is going to be play a part in me getting my schedule organized so I can reach my goals this year.


All four of these things I can know I can do by the end of the year, all I have to do is do it!

As far as what’s making me have feels this week, well Bones and Grimm are back — but for their finals seasons! I loved both these shows for the longest and I hate to see them go.

Also giving me major feels was Obama’s farewell address, the way he talked about his wife and his kids was so moving…I couldn’t imagine there was one dry eye in the house. I honestly hope to stay that that happy and in love with my partner as he is with his wife.

That’s all for now my friends, see you next week!


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