Stayin’ Busy

Hey friends!

Another busy week for the books. I had one booking, then had the first day of shooting for an upcoming project and continued working on another. I’m so fortunate to have so much good stuff going on!

The booking I had this week was for a popular American clothing company, but the ads will be airing overseas. I’ll be somewhere in the background on most of the shots but hey, at least I was called to be a part of the shoot. Also another ad that I shot last year is airing now, it’s a commercial for a small college in LA. If you’re in LA I hope you get to see it!

Another thing that got me real excited this week was the first day of shooting “Your Beer Show”! It was nice to finally meet all the cast, I cannot wait to really dive into it. This week we shot the credits, and later on next month I’ll be doing interviews. Occasionally I’ll filling in for one of the co-hosts when needed. In the meantime I’ll be educating myself on all things craft beer so stay tuned! I’ll post the first episode once it airs.


The Children’s Art program that I’m working on is in its third work and it’s going well. Soon we’ll be shooting a few things on location so I’m looking forward to that.

That said, I have a productive and very happy week ahead this week too. It’s my partner and I’s 2 year first date anniversary and we plan on spending quality time together. It’s only 2 years into our journey together and we’re having such a great time!

The things that are making me happy this week: Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Supergirl are back! YYAASS!! I’ll be honest when I say that Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) is my hheerroo! I aspire to be a badass like her.

In any case, I’ll checking in with you again next week!


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