Hangin’ with Friends


This week was really good, I did so much with work and friends! All in all, a really fun and productive week.

It started off by seeing the tail end of “Your Beer Show,” a show where I’ve been cast as a correspondent! Each week they’ll be filming live so I’ll be popping by there to see how it goes, eventually I’ll be filming segments to show during the taping.

Next I filmed on location for the Children’s Art show. The location didn’t 100% fit what we were talking about in the video, but we made it work! It was the first time filming outside of the studio, so it was a bit of an experiment to figure out what we would need to make each on location shoot successful. We’re a three person crew so we’re all going to be pulling double duty whenever we film outside the studio, but I’m definitely prepared and looking forward to that!

As far as home life goes, over the weekend my partner Kim and I celebrated our two year anniversary, we had such a good time! First we hung out with another couple that’ll be moving into our building; they happen to be good friends with Kim’s brother. It’ll be great having them in the building! We gave them a walking tour of our neighborhood and had lunch at a popular beach spot. From there Kim and I went to a brewery not too far from our house and proceeded to eat and drink to our hearts content!

The next day we went to our favorite breakfast spot, then headed over to pick up our friend’s kid to babysit. Of course, Kim wasn’t about hanging out at the house to watch her so we took her indoor rock climbing, which she had never done before! Of course, because she’s a child she was great at it, it was really fun watching her too. It was my second time going and I had a great time. Kim was just happy to be able to climb with me, since she had been trying to get me to go for nearly two years now.

Now that we’ve caught up, let’s talk about things I like 😀

In tech this week I read that drones were used to make the US flag in Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance, that’s pretty cool! Finally, drones that were used for fun and not spying..!

In beauty this week, Allure put out an article that talked about the brands that are producing nude products. You probably already know now that nude everything, clothes, makeup, shoes, etc is a trend that I hope sticks around for awhile. However, for women of color it’s always hard to find our skin tone in these nude offerings. One of the brands listed, Nubian skin, it’s a lingerie line, I have tried with modest success. As a model we’re expected to wear nude undergarments and until now that meant just getting black or beige colors. Nubian Skin produces bras and panties in my color! If you choose to buy these products, be sure to wash them with care, one of my bras has lost it’s shape. Also, there’s a slight push up effect to them…so if you’re looking for a T-shirt bra it may not be best. However, they do fit well and the color is great!

In politics and general current events this week, it was nice to see that women won’t be the only ones who will be marching. Immigrants, scientists, LGBT people and environmentalists will also be marching throughout the year to create awareness about their causes. I can get behind that! I’m glad that this election has encouraged people to get engaged in causes that they care about. We as citizens of this country should be engaged allllll the time, no matter who is president! The government should be working for our interests, and to that end we need to hold them accountable by organizing around causes we hold dear.

That’s all for now! I’ll see you next week,




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