This week was so fun! Two best parts of my week: indoor rock climbing and improv.

Most of the week was just taking care of business; cleaning, cooking, submitting and auditioning. Unfortunately, I did get crazy allergy attack during the week but when I finally did recover by Sunday I got to do some fun stuff.

So on our Sunday Funday, we managed to rally from our typical sleepy Sunday days and headed to a free improv workshop at Finest City Improv. Kim and I had such a good time and learned a lot. I’ve been meaning to sign up for their level 1 class for nearly two years now but I was just too freaked out to do it! It really took Kim rallying me to get to the class to finally take the step.

After that we went shopping (more on that later) then went climbing, it was good. I have a feeling I’ll get far more confident the more we go. I’m thinking that it’s a good way for the both of us to stay in shape and work out together too. And you know what they say, couples that work out together stay together! (I don’t know if anyone says that but I’ve decided it’s true :-D). Kim teaches it, so she’s really good at being encouraging and showing me where I can improve, so that’s nice. I couldn’t imagine just winging it, learning on my own!

So all and all a productive, happy week.

Now let’s move on to what caught my eye in the news this week!

Retailers across the country are disappearing: Well, remember how I said I’d talk more about our shopping trip? Well, this is what I meant! A few of these retailers I’ve been to recently and on Sunday too and you know what I say? Goodbye and good riddance! They’ve all seen better days, and unfortunately, they just haven’t been able to keep up with online shopping or changing consumer tastes. I say shape up or ship out! Major department stores and other retailers have become less and less pleasant to shop in and too expensive.

Facebook is going to FINALLY test a “beach mode” or basically a do not disturb mode for their app. Thank goodness, maybe they’ll do this for IG too. I’ve turned off all notifications for all apps on my phone because there are simply too many, and way too annoying. Maybe they’re figuring out that the way to user loyalty is to create user-life balance?

And speaking of the beach, please take me here! I love water slides, the beach, and islands.

Well that’s all for now! I’ll see you all next week!




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