Writing Away

Hey friends!

This week I continued to work on the children’s art show, but more behind the scenes. I’m starting to write the scripts I’m going to be performing! The more and more I write, the I love it. And the more I dive into the art world the more I remember how much I love it…I went to a performing arts school where we performed in plays and designed the sets for those plays in addition to having daily art classes. All this brings back happy memories from school days and being able to share that with kids now is a great feeling. It gives that experience a whole new perspective. The company I’m working for took an ad out in a paper to promote what they do and to talk about a new mosaic piece that’s on display in Imperial Valley now, and look who’s in it! 😀20170221_131426.jpg

That said, what really caught my eye this week was what was happening in the hosting world. PewDiePie, THE top YouTuber got dropped from YouTube Red (it’s subscription service) because of some anti-semitic imagery that appeared on his show. First, I’d like to say, THANK GOODNESS that YouTube dropped him! In a time where this country is divided, it’s good that a company has enough sense to keep their distance from someone who is so intolerant.

On the flip side of that Nick Canon, host of America’s Got Talent, left his position after NBC’s execs took issue with his standup special where he admits to making a hard departure from his “good guy” persona that he uses for the hit show. Seems kinda silly, but it must be nice to leave a job because your bosses catch an attitude. I’m sure wherever Nick Canon lands, he’ll be fine.


I have another productive week ahead, I’ll be sure to share it with you next week!


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