All Over The Place

Hey friends!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I’ve updated! It’s been that busy…!

On a professional front I’ve got great news, I’ve got an awesome summer job where I’ll be hosting and DJ-ing. I’ve also had a few other great bookings and castings too for events and on-camera work! One of the things I’m most excited about is working for the art studio creating and managing social media content. It’s so fun and I’m learning so much! The past few weeks I’ve been doing a deep dive into social media marketing strategies and how to create memes, graphics, etc. There’s so much to know!

Personally everything is going well too! Kim and I have been busy with gigs and jobs but in between we’ve been finding time to have fun! One of our biggest missions right now is finding a workout routine we can stick to. We’re thinking we’re going to work on doing rock climbing for now. It’s something we can do together and have fun, only thing is scheduling it in. We’re also planning a trip that we’ll be taking in the next few weeks, more to come on that once we’ve sured up the plans!

Oh and one thing I’m real happy about is my new phone, I got a Galaxy S8! I love it! The camera is head and shoulders above my S5 (of course). I spent a lot of time researching, and I thought real hard about getting an iPhone 7 because of the camera. Ultimately, I ended up getting a real good deal on the S8 so I decided to stick with it. Before you know it, I’ll be taking pictures and video like a pro! I have some ideas that I’m knocking around, but my goal is to really experiment until I get comfortable creating content then focus on something I really want to do.

We’ve been watching a lot of TV too, of course, as uuuuussssuuuuaaallll :-D. Kim has been going hard on the Netflix’s series Sense 8, which is pretty good if you haven’t watched it! We’ve also been lovin’ Scandal, but we haven’t watched the season finale yet…so don’t spoil it! Empire has been going off the rails, also as usual but we can’t get enough of that show.

Well, considering I haven’t updated in so long you’d think I’d have more say, but that’s it for now! I’ll be back next week, for sure!




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