Gotta Love Family

Hey everyone!

This week was jam packed with family time, including Kim’s brother coming to town and Kim and I visiting my Mom is Long Beach.

When Kim’s brother Daniel came to town we mostly ate and drank and hung out with our neighbors who happen to be his good friends! He was here for just a few days but we got a lot of good times in.

After that Kim and I headed up to Long Beach, where my brother lives and where my Mom went to visit. It was his birthday a few days ago so just before Memorial Day we had a big family dinner at Benihana…and we ate ssooo muuuccch! Between my mom, uncle, brother, his girlfriend, her daughter, Kim and I we had far too much to eat; at least it was good though!

The best part about going up to see them was that I got to see a bunch of pictures from when my parents first met, and me as a baby. My mom thought that I’d be embarrassed because Kim hadn’t seen those photos before but that was far from true. Kim couldn’t have been more entertained by it!

Some other great things that happened this week: training for my summer hosting job! And I’ve started using Canva to create awesome graphics for the art studio, I’ve learned so much in just a few weeks of using it. I know I’ll be putting some of that knowledge to use for what I’m doing here.

Well, that’s all for now. See you next time!



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