About Ayo

GQ with TI, circa 2007

So Who Are You?

I’m Ayo Elise. I’m a print model, trade show presenter, spokesperson and on-camera host born and raised in San Diego, California. I accept bookings in Los Angeles, Orange County and worldwide.

What’s Your Story?

I booked my first shoot as a teen then went on to appear in catalogs, in-store ads and magazines both big and small! I stopped modeling soon after my father died and from there dedicated all my time to finishing college.

All Dolled Up For Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Promotion at Comic Con 2016

Once I earned my degree, I tried to pursue a career in law but quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I picked up modeling again, this time working as a promotional model in addition to being a print model. After a few years into that path I realized that being an on-camera host and spokesperson is what I really wanted to do. So in 2013 I started taking classes from media and host coaches in LA, created a reel and sought representation. In fact you can watch The Elite Daily Show, where I co-host a few episodes! Hosting is truly my passion and I’m working on making it my full-time job.

What’s The Blog About?

This blog is about sharing my journey as a model and host and to talk about everything I find interesting in the world; travel, podcasts, TV, makeup, news, and whatever else comes to mind.

Long hair don’t care! Photo: Gail Bowman, 2013

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PS: Check out my professional website for all booking related info, AyoElise.com.